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Reductress Contributor

Limestone Comedy Fest '22

HBO Women in Comedy Festival '20

SF Sketchfest '19, '20, '22

Laughing Devil NY '19

Beast Village Comedy Festival '19


Motor City Comedy Fest '18

Pittsburg Comedy Festival '18

Does this photo look like I died in this bar?

Hay is a very cool, intimidating comedian and writer from the San Francisco Bay Area where they run Don’t Tell Comedy shows, Toxic Thots: a queer and PoC standup show in plant store raising funds for mental health services, and a life-changing weekly stand-up showcase in a parking lot behind a taco shop. Despite being smart, most of their jokes about the stupid things that they’ve done and won’t stop doing. Fully acknowledging they sound like a pathological liar, Hay's material is honestly sourced from real life experiences, and comes out as defensive Zillennial rhetoric, on-stage spiraling, and pop-psychology references. They also used to be in a band but who cares.

Their prime demos are 20-year-old boys, middle aged women filled with regret, and dads who are interested in learning how to be woke. So if you’re one of those, come to a show. If not, just bring one. 

Hay Beacon: a Comedy Bio

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